Steel Deck Framing

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Steel deck framing is a legitimate game changer; recently proving itself as one of the greatest advancements in the deck construction industry. There are many advantages to owning a deck built with a steel frame instead of a traditional wood frame. We are yet to meet a customer who regrets their decision to include steel framing with their project.  

Steel just makes sense

Steel deck framing is much stronger than wood, provides an incredibly flat walking surface, and will not shrink, sag, twist, split, rot, or become destroyed by insects. The additional strength offered by a steel-framed deck means it can be built using fewer support posts than a wood-framed deck, and the joists can span much further distances too. Additionally, The black powder-coated finish provides a much more attractive appearance than an exposed wood frame and offers considerably more resistance to fire and insects. Decks built with steel framing truly offer a lifetime deck that will vastly outlast and outperform the same deck built using traditional wood framing. Customers who choose steel deck framing in combination with non-wood decking and aluminum railings will receive a deck where all of its major components are backed by a manufacturer’s 25-year warranty; we call that “serious” peace of mind! If you want a strong and flat deck that you can enjoy without the worry of on-going maintenance and repairs, steel framing is the option for you. 

Steel vs Wood Deck Framing

For centuries the world built with wood. Bridges, oil derricks and even warships started as trees. But once we learned to work with steel, everything changed. Today, leading deck builders around the world are choosing sustainable steel framing over wood framing.

steel framing

wood framing

easy to install


Straight Uniform Pieces

Exceptional strength

longer spans

fewer posts required

25-yr warranty


Fire And Insect-Resistant


Strong • Flat • Attractive • 25-yr Warranty

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