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What Are the Advantages of Using Non-Wood Decking

Composite decking is the newest type of building material. It is made of wood dust, recycled plastic, and other chemicals. Wood plastic composite is the name of the new building material. It is good for the environment and can be used to make things. And WPC is what the composite decking is made of.

Are you thinking about getting a new deck for your home?

You have more than one choice. The days when you could only build a deck out of wood are over. Composite decks have become very popular over the years, making them one of the best options for decking. Even though wood is a common material and has its own benefits, it’s hard to beat the many benefits of composite decking.

Has A Strong Environmental Value

The composite deck is made of recycled wood fiber, plastic, and other things. And wood fibers that have been used can be used as raw materials, which saves a lot of trees. helped protect the environment around the world.


Composite decking is made from different things, like wood powder. Composite decking is a lot heavier than decking made of pure wood. Because the quality of WPC is better than that of real wood. During the making process, the composite decking will also be stained, painted, and coated.

Easy To Take Care Of 

Surface treatment technology is scientifically advanced. So you don’t have to do a lot of work to keep your deck in good shape. All that is needed to keep composite decking clean and tidy is soap and water. The color of the composite decking won’t change for at least 20 years, even if it is used every day.


Wood-plastic composite decking is used to make many different kinds of things, like outdoor walkways, garden pavilions, bridges, and decking floors for private homes. Basically, the color and style can match the environment, which shows how beautiful it is when buildings and the environment work well together. Composite decking gives you a lot of options for making outdoor furniture.

Since the composite deck is made by hand, it comes in many different colors, patterns, and textures. Compound decks are great for contractors, architects, homeowners, and more because they can be changed to fit your needs.

A Longer Life Span 

Unlike a floor made entirely of wood, a composite floor is completely safe from pests like termites, doesn’t worry about water damage, and lasts a long time. Composite decking won’t crack or scratch easily and will last longer than traditional wood flooring.


Composite decking is made from wood powder and recycled plastic, both of which are recycled materials. Recycled materials can save natural resources and cut down on pollution, so they can be used to make beautiful buildings that are also good for the environment.

Simple To Set Up

Following the instructions in the installation manual makes it easy to install composite decking. So, you can decorate your house with average-sized composite decking. When compared to traditional wood decking, composite decking can be put together in a lot less time.

Composite vs Wood Deck

Wood has a natural feel and appearance, is less expensive, and requires fewer materials. Whereas composites require less maintenance, have a large variety of colors, and are environmentally friendly. 

What is PVC Decking?

PVC decking is a type of decking that is made entirely of plastic, while composite decking is made of two different kinds of materials. It is made of plastic because it is made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Plastic decking boards come in different sizes and colors and can be used for decking and many other outdoor projects like garden flooring.

PVC vs Composite Decking

PVC and composites share benefits. Both outlast wood. PVC and WPC decking withstand dampness, mold, rotting, and splintering. WPC and PVC decking is low-maintenance and inexpensive. Due to maintenance, wooden decks cost more than PVC or composite decks.

High-quality composites are stronger than plastic decking. High heat can warp PVC. Composites, which contain wood, retain their shape better than PVC during thermal expansion. In hot climates, WPC decking may be superior.

WPC decking’s natural look may be better than PVC’s. Composite decks are more wood-like than plastic ones. Some have wood-like grain patterns and textures. PVC decking boards look fake, even if they resemble wood.

No response is correct. Each project requires various decking qualities. Most homeowners desire a beautiful, lasting, and affordable decking option. Composite decking meets these requirements, but the flexibility of PCV decking gives it a bit more superiority.

With much trial and error, and after going back to past projects years later to review how they held up, we determined the products that perform as expected and serve our clientele best are the products offered by TimberTech Azek and Dekorators; specifically Azek’s capped polymer (PVC) lineups and Deckorators’ mineral based lineups.

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