Thanks to Jason and Melissa for allowing us to build this @deckorators Voyage deck with a multi-width decking pattern! We also wrapped the cover’s pre-existing posts and beams to match. The deck received Khaya in the field and used Dark Slate for the border. As is typical for all mineral-based decks we build, everything is fastened using @camodeckfasteners Edge clips AND the ends of all deck boards are face screwed and plugged. Our decks never include visible seams or fasteners, and subframes use proper Simpson connections throughout, which are attached using the proper structural screws, NOT nails. Additionally, any places where the framing requires flat blocking or has framing installed side-by-side always get covered and sealed using acrylic-based Gtape. We don’t believe in shortcuts.

PROJECT SF: 380 + stairs

DECKING: Deckorators, Voyage Field:Khaya Border:Dark Slate


OTHER FEATURES: Multi-width decking boards, cover has wrapped posts, unique step design, combination of Camo Edge stainless steel hidden fasteners and plugged face screws, Gtape acrylic-based joist tape, deck skirting.


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